IP Infrastructure Set Up

VoIP infrastructure, advised & implemented by DigiTel, is a multi-channel interaction management system (Phone, Fax, SMS, Email, VoIP, Website …) based on IP platform to meet the customized needs of each individual business. Retail of internal and external communication activities of enterprises, including:
☑️ CALL CENTER system with integrated marketing tools (SMS, Email, Voice).
☑️ Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
☑️ Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
☑️ Function of tracking and managing support ticket via the phone
☑️ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
☑️ Reporting and monitoring sales activities and customer care system via the telephone


A complete VoIP infrastructure deployed by DigiTel is suitable for all businesses with many features, highly customizable and able to integrate multiple communication channels all in one

User management

Agent, team leader, project administrator and system administrator

Document and script management

Information & product processes.

Campaign management

Deploy, evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign.

Management & control

Detailed customer information report


  • Remind incoming calls by: Email, pop up screen
  • Manage dial-out campaigns: click to dial, autodialer, predictive dialer

  • Call management: identify customers based on incoming phone numbers
  • Operational reports: Analysis of In/Out Call campaigns, required KPIs

  • SMS / Survey / Emaill: Send per customer, send automatically in bulk
  • Chat: Integrate Chat from website into CRM

Salient features

Call recording, voicemail management Support video-phones: H263, H263 +, H264

Multi-party conferencing function integrating interaction via website

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and real-time call monitoring function (SQC)

General and detailed reporting system

Manage and decentralize users as required